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Applying best practices and methodologies

An AC synchronous generator is significantly more complex than the simple generator of a wire loop rotating between two permanent magnets. An AC synchronous generator consists of four main components and/or systems:

  • Stator
  • Armature
  • Exciter

At Al-Huwais we provide complete overhaul and rewinding services for AC Generators, The Company has the capability to repair generators of output capacity up to 50 MW. The categories of generator that we cater are alternators for generator sets.

With extensive electrical repair facilities from the latest coil winding machines and VPI facilities to extensive testing capability, Al-Huwais is ideally suited to providing the best quality generator repairs ensuring your generators return within in the required delivery time.

Stator & Rotor Services:

  • Minor and major repairs on any design or type of generator stator or rotor
  • General overhauls of any design or type generator stator or rotor
  • Modifications of generators including but not limited to;
    • Upgrading rotor and stator insulation systems
    • Modifying rotor windings
    • Modifying rotor shafts
    • Replacement of rotor and stator wedges
    • Upgrading rotor coil retaining rings
    • Replacement of rotor slip rings
    • Replacement of shaft
  • Complete rewinding of generator rotors and stators
  • Minor and major repairs on any design or type of exciter stator or rotor
  • Complete rewinding of exciter rotors and stators
  • Testing and condition monitoring