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Applying best practices and methodologies

Al-Huwais Arabian is the leading company in Saudi Arabia for the Maintenance, Repair and Rewinding of AC & DC Traction Motors for all types regardless of make and type of equipment.

Our Partner Coil Factory manufactures AC & DC Stator Coils as well as Coils used in DC Armatures. Only top-quality materials such as DuPont Kapton & Nomex are used, with every part made subject to rigorous Quality Control checks by our in-house team.


Major Problems:

  • Commutator surface wear caused by overloading, vibration, incorrect brush size or brush gear.
  • Carbon brush wears leading to a build-up of carbon dust, commutator sparking and damage to the motor’s armature.
  • Bearing failure, caused by insufficient lubrication, incorrect lubricant, misalignment, excessive vibration, shaft overload and overheating.
  • Excessive motor vibration leading to carbon brush wear, winding faults, sparking and commutator damage.

AC Traction Motor:

  • Stator rewinding
  • Rehabilitation of squirrel-cage rotor
  • Shaft manufacture & replacement
  • Rewinding of Stator with new core
  • Repair of Assembly Components
  • Overhaul services
  • Testing

DC Traction Motor:

  • Repair/Rewinding of Field coils
  • Stator Frame Rehabilitation
  • Rewinding of Armature
  • Commutator repair/Replacement
  • Shaft manufacture & replacement
  • Repair of Assembly Components
  • Overhaul Services
  • Load & No-Load Testing